Drainage Solutions

Water drainage is a major issue for many homeowners​. Different problems call for different tools to fix them. At Northern Roots, we have the drainage solution you need to create dry, useable space.

French Drain Service

We first identify the area of standing water and the direction we want to divert the water. A trench with a proper slope is dug to place the perforated drainpipe and gravel. We then take the necessary steps to ensure the drain will work optimally for years to come.

A french drain has various options available such as permeable fabric and other pipe and rock alternatives. We are happy to discuss the options with you and create a customized solution.

Drain Basin Installation

Rainwater and sump pump discharge lines that are placed too close to homes can cause continuous water issues. We can divert the discharge by installing non-perforated pipes that run underground to a desirable location.

Each property is unique, after a consultation we will put together a solution that best fits your property going forward.