Dormant Grass Seeding Tips

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Often times lawns suffer from thin growth or bare spots. Especially when they endure heat and drought like some Minnesota lawns did this summer. Fall can be the right time to address these issues with dormant grass seeding. Ensure lush growth in the spring by following these tips.

What is dormant seeding? Dormant grass seeding is when you apply seed when the temperatures are low enough to prevent germination, but the ground isn’t frozen yet. This process helps to fill bare and thinning grass areas to encourage a lush lawn once spring arrives.

What seed should you use? If you know what type of grass you have growing in your yard, plant seeds of the same species. If not, Northern Roots Lawn Care can help you choose the right fit for your yard.

Prep your lawn

  • Mow your grass using a shorter setting on your lawn mower.
  • Rake the top of the soil in the bare spots you plan to seed.
  • Rake the thin areas to remove thatch and other debris.

Plant grass seeds

  • Check the weather forecast and try to plant shortly before a freeze or snowstorm.
  • Spread the seeds out evenly. Too many seeds close together will cause the seedlings to fight for sunlight and nutrients, which may result in thin grass growth.

Cover and water seeds

  • Cover the seeded area with a protective layer such as straw to avoid erosion and runoff. 
  • Water the area well after seeding, but don’t over-saturate.
  • In the spring, water the seeded areas lightly once a day. Continue this until the new grass reaches two inches tall.

Let Northern Roots handle it. If you want beautiful spring grass without the hassle of fall lawn seeding, let Northern Roots Lawn care take care of this maintenance service for you. We know just how to promote the lush, vibrant grass you (and your neighbors) dream of. Trust us to perform your business or residential lawn maintenance, and you can expect your yard to look its best year-round.

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