How to get rid of mosquitoes in your Minnesota yard!

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If you are tired of pesky mosquitoes and want to be able to spend time outside this summer in Minnesota without worrying about mosquitoes bites, consider these methods of getting rid of mosquitoes:

  1. Remove Any Standing Water
  2. Install a Ceiling Fan
  3. Set Up Mosquito Traps
  4. Buy Mosquito Repellents
  5. Maintain A Clean Yard
  6. Keep Your Gutters Clean
  7. Plant Mosquito-Repelling Herbs And Flowers
  8. Call Professional Mosquito Exterminators

Professional mosquito control

If you are searching for a longer-lasting, broad control of mosquitos we suggest calling a professional. Before calling we suggest determining what your needs are. Do you want protection for a special event you’re having or would you like to have mosquito relief all summer long?

Few things are worse than a swarm of mosquitoes at an outdoor event. A one-time service may be the perfect fit for your yard if you are looking for short-term coverage. If you and your family are outdoors multiple times a week a seasonal service would be a better fit.

At Northern Roots Lawn Care, our seasonal service starts as soon as mosquitos appear and will continue throughout the summer and fall. Our applicators focus on areas of your property where mosquitoes are most likely to feed and live. The mosquito control solution lasts for up to 21 days and eliminates mosquitos and other nuisance insects, such as fleas, ticks, and some flies. 

Our Minnesota summers are short, don’t waste time inside waiting for the mosquitoes to subside. Use the DIY mosquito control methods mentioned above and have a mosquito service in place so you don’t let the pesky insects ruin your summer activities. Give Northern Roots Lawn Care a call at 763-777-4233 for a free estimate or visit us online here.

Mosquito Control Services

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