Should I Hire a Professional to Aerate My Lawn?

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There is nothing quite like enjoying the physical appeal of a beautiful lush lawn! But, as you may know, maintaining an inviting lawn does not happen without some proper attention and effort. One vital step to ensuring a healthy lawn is aeration and fertilizing. Some property owners enjoy doing this lawn care step on their own, while others prefer to hire a professional. If you’re debating on hiring a professional, below are a few reasons why it may be the right choice for you.

What exactly is aeration? It is the process of creating holes within the soil in order to allow water, oxygen, grass seeds, and fertilizer the ability to reach deep into the ground and touch the base of the grass roots. The result is a healthier (greener) lawn.

Professionals have the needed equipment and knowledge. Although you can rent the equipment, it can be a hassle to transport it to your home as it is usually bulky and heavy. A professional lawn care provider is equipped with superior equipment and the knowledge to get the aeration job done efficiently and correctly.

Going beyond aeration. Someone who is familiar with lawn diseases or weed problems will be able to spot troubled areas throughout your lawn. From that point, the professional will be able to treat any issues that you may have throughout your lawn.

Below is an example of insect damage and the result of Northern Roots treatment process.


Should I Hire a Professional? If you would like to avoid the hassle, save yourself time, and make sure your lawn is aerated correctly, then we suggest hiring a professional! The lawn experts at Northern Roots Lawn Care are well-versed in the aeration process and would love to help strengthen and green up your lawn. Reach out to us for a free quote here.

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