Summer Care Guide for Your Minnesota Lawn

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Many of us have gotten our first sunburn out of the way and our lawns, like us, have been hammered by high heat and drought over the last few months. Stick with us as we guide you through some pointers to keep your Minnesota lawn looking sharp through the intense summer heat.

Watering practices. Most lawns need a couple of inches of water every week. Unfortunately, we have had very minimal rainfall this season. In order to keep your lawn green and healthy, we encourage you to water through irrigation, ensuring the water soaks 5-6 inches deep into the soil. The most efficient time to water your lawn is in the morning when there is minimal sunlight, wind, and lower temperatures. Always check with local watering restrictions in your area.

Summertime mowing. We can’t stress enough how important it is to raise your mowing height throughout the summer. We suggest mowing at 3.5 to 4 inches. Cutting low allows more sunlight to hit the soil which promotes weeds and dries out your soil much faster.

Don’t deal with mosquitos. We all love a Minnesota summer… but not the mosquitoes that come with it. Protect you and your landscape reducing stagnant water. Mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant, non-chlorinated water. Drain any stagnant water you find to help reduce the population of mosquitoes in your area. If all else fails, or you just want some help. Northern Roots Lawn Care offers affordable and effective mosquito control solutions.

Watch for disease, fungus, and grub.

If you have had issues with disease, fungus, or grub in the past, it is very important to get treatment started ASAP. If you notice big areas that did not grow this spring, you may have some grub issues. To check, go to the outermost area of the issue and start pulling the lawn back. If you have grubs, you’ll find them feeding on your grasses roots about one to two inches down. Northern Roots experts will inspect the lawn and determine the correct course of action if you suspect you have a lawn disease, fungus, or any insect control issues.

*Example of insect damage and results following our treatment process

Our Minnesota summers are short, make the most of it in your well-maintained lawn. We are a full-service lawn and landscape company that listens to our clients. If you are interested in landscape maintenance services including drainage solutions, patios, retaining walls, fire pits, mulch, and rock installation, shrub trimming, lawn, and landscape renovations, reach out to us!

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