Winter Lawn Care That Will Save Your Grass!

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Winter in Minnesota can be brutal, so it is kind of magnificent that grass is able to survive it! However, your lawn isn’t as tough during the colder months as it is during summer. Grass is more prone to damage when snow falls or there is a deep freeze. Read on to see why it is so important to stay off your grass in the winter.

Snow-covered grass. Even though it is slightly dreaded, a fresh snowfall is beautiful! However, snowfall creates a layer of precipitation that acts like a blanket over dormant blades of grass. When someone steps on the snow-covered lawn, their weight compacts the snow. As the weather warms up, the frozen footsteps take longer to melt which can lead to fungus.

Frozen grass. Frost is another factor to watch out for. In the summer, grass blades have an elasticity that protects them from snapping under pressure. In other words, the grass blades will bend instead of break when you walk on your green lawn on a warm day. When temperatures lower, the blades of grass lose their elasticity and are more likely to snap under a footstep. As your lawn comes out of dormancy, these broken patches will struggle to grow and return to their lush green state as quickly as the surrounding areas.

What you can do. Winter lawn care is more about what you don’t do rather than taking action to maintain the grass. Avoid walking on your lawn as much as possible to minimize the issues we mentioned above. Even though Minnesota’s winter is just setting in, it is never too early to think about getting the most out of your lawn next spring, learn more about our lawn care services that ensure a lush green yard!

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