Dream of Summer by Planning your Ideal Outdoor Space

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If you’re like me, Minnesota winters often cause you to dream of days spent outside in the sunshine, breathing in the sights and sounds of your backyard. These daydreams lead to thinking of the perfect outdoor living space for relaxing or playing with the kids in the grass. If this is you, and 2021 is the year to tackle your yard — here are some tips to help kickstart the planning process.


Ask yourself some basic questions. What do want out of the yard- a playground, a fireplace, an entertaining patio? What accents do you like- pavers, water, plants? Be honest about what you can afford and how much time you will have to maintain your yard. Head to the internet or Pinterest and search backyard oasis or backyard landscape ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


If you find it overwhelming to look at your yard as one big space that needs to be landscaped, it may be easier to imagine it as different “rooms.” Sketch your backyard and draw circles where you might have a garden or firepit.

Style and Design

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their self-landscaping is not determining a style. Many homeowners spend money on flowers that are pretty or shrubbery that is on sale, only to end up with a little bit of everything that doesn’t necessarily work together. Work with a professional to help determine which style would be best for your yard and lifestyle.


If you have to create your ideal outdoor space over time, know what your ultimate goal is. For instance, if you eventually install an outdoor kitchen but will install a patio first, know where plumbing, electric, and gas lines should be installed. Prioritize the projects that will meet your budget and needs.

If you have trouble prioritizing or designing your backyard– Northern Roots Lawn Care can help. Our specialists will discuss landscape improvements with you that will add value to your home and outdoor life.

Whether you are planning major upgrades or demoing old landscape, you and a Northern Roots specialist can develop a plan to provide you with your ultimate outdoor living space.

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