Fall Lawn Care Checklist for Minnesota

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Fall may not seem like an ideal time to think about lawn care… however, it is a critical time to tend to your lawn for beautiful growth next spring. Before your Minnesota lawn descends into the long winter season, take note of these tips to prepare your lawn for winter (and spring).

  • Keep mowing. Mow the lawn as long as you can and continue to mow at a 3-inch height until the grass stops growing. Once you call it quits for the season, don’t forget to winterize your mower.
  • Rake or mow your leaves. Another benefit to mowing in the fall… you’re also cleaning up the leaves at the same time. Leaves that continue to pile up will block out sunlight and can lead to fungi.
  • Aerate:  Aeration is the process of removing soil plugs from a yard in order to free up passageways for precious nutrients to reach the grassroots, nutrients they often struggle to bring in under compaction and stress. Aerating in the fall will help your lawn be green and healthy for the next year. 
  • Apply fertilizer: Fertilizing in the fall will give your lawn plenty of nutrients to get through the winter and help the grass grow stronger in the spring.
  • Seed your lawn: Patches of lawn can die during the summertime, so it’s a good idea to reseed those areas with the right grasses.
  • Winterize your sprinklers: Plan to have your sprinklers serviced when temperatures fall between 35-40 degrees or when the grass goes dormant. 

These fall lawn care tips can help prepare your lawn for the next year. For professional lawn maintenance (all year long), Northern Roots Lawn Care provides personalized services and applications to help your lawn be the best in the neighborhood. Get a free quote for your lawn care services today.

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