The Benefits to Lawn Fertilization

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Your neighbor’s yard is always even and green and you’re stuck wondering how to make your yard look similar. It isn’t a secret, it’s lawn fertilization! Lawn fertilization plays a major role in creating a lush green lawn that looks good all summer long, but the process to get there can be intimidating. 

A lawn needs the right nutrients to survive environmental conditions, insects, soil inconsistencies and diseases. That’s why we work closely with our clients to create a 5-step customized program for your lawn. By implementing a fertilization routine your lawn will have the nutrients it needs for growth so you can experience the following benefits.

That Rich Green Color

Nitrogen is a key nutrient when it comes to fertilization, it is associated with the deeper green hues. Nitrogen and adequate moisture can give your lawn the healthy vibrant green you’re looking for.

Quicker Recovery Time

If your lawn typically has problems with invasive weeds, insects, disease or high/dry temperatures a fertilizing routine will help. A strategic plan can help your lawn recover faster from these damaging problems.

Natural Air Conditioning

Did you know healthy grass serves as a natural air conditioner for the surrounding area? As much as 50% of heat striking a turf area can be eliminated by a plant process called “transpiration.” Enjoy the comfort of your backyard in the middle of July!

Dense, Lush Grass

Not only is thick grass pleasing to look at it also helps with weed control. Having a dense yard leaves less oxygen, room, and sunlight available to potential weeds. 

Fast, Healthy Growth

Fertilizer is an essential part of grass growing healthy and strong. The nutrients give your grass the boost it needs to fight off stress as it grows into a high-quality lawn.

Fertilizing your own lawn may seem easy, but setting an effective fertilizing routine with the proper balance can be challenging. Skip the work and enjoy your lawn this summer. Reach out to Northern Roots for a tailored plan for your lawn- we are happy to chat!

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