Should I Use Pesticides To Protect My Lawn?

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Most of us wonder why how we can continue to protect our lawns through not only the summer but into autumn as well. If you are worried about the summer and fall bugs of Minnesota and wondering if pesticides or insecticides can help your lawn continue reading! 

Pesticides are substances meant to prevent, destroy, or repel pests. There are different kinds of pesticides as well including insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and more. They aren’t always the answer to every pest problem, but they can be the only option to rid your lawn of a pest. So what factors should you consider before using pesticides? 

There are some risk factors that come along with using pesticides, including the possible incorrect use of the substance which may lead to harming pets, other animals, and the environment. If these are things you are really concerned about an organic pesticide could be the answer to your worries. 

You need to pinpoint the seriousness of the infestation. If the pests – whether they’re insects or weeds — are minimal then pesticides should not be your first resort. However, if the infestation has somewhat taken over your yard and will be extremely difficult to manually remove then pesticides can be helpful in solving that problem. 

Sometimes pesticide alternatives do the trick, but a few pesky weeds or pests are left behind. This is all down to the individual, however; if you don’t want ANY weeds or pests left in your lawn then pesticides might be the answer to get those last few imperfections. 

How dangerous or debilitating are the pests? Pests like mosquitoes or ticks can ruin the outdoor experience in Minnesota, but they can also endanger human health. If your infestation is so out of control that substitutes aren’t working, consider a pesticide to help keep you healthy!

If any of these apply to your wants or needs for your lawn, Northern Roots is a full-service lawn care company that will listen to those exact needs and wants! Give us a call at 763-777-4233 or email us at sales@nothern-roots.com.

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