How to Keep Kids Safe from Mosquito Bites

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If you live in or near the Twin Cities of Minnesota, it is a sure bet that you enjoy the outdoors or spending time in your yard come summertime! It is also a sure bet that you think about how to keep the mosquitoes away while you’re outside. Each person has their personal technique to manage mosquitoes and save themselves from their bites. But when it comes to newborns or young children, it may be a struggle to escape the dreadful mosquito bites.

Parents are worried about keeping kids away from these pesky insects in the safest way possible. So, what are some of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away while also protecting kids from harmful repellants?

Cover the Windows with Screens

The indoors should be a sure escape from mosquitoes. Windows and doors can become a gateway for mosquitoes to enter a home, adding screens can help prevent this.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitos need water to breed and grow. Areas that collect water make for a perfect breeding ground. We realize you may live by a lake, swamp, or pond, and getting rid of it is near impossible. However, if you have buckets, birdbaths, pipes, or any place where water could easily get lodged you could be adding to your mosquito problem. Removing any of these areas that aren’t necessary to you is a good step to helping rid your yard of mosquitoes.

Avoid Dusk and Dawn

Mosquitoes prime feeding time is in the evening and dawn. If your children are outdoors at this time, take appropriate precautions to keep mosquitoes away. 

Dress Your Child Appropriately

Minimizing the exposure of skin is one of the best ways to protect your child against bites. Dark colors tend to attract insects more, so, stick to light, loose-fitted clothing for your kids.

Mosquito Repellents

There are mosquito repellents available in stores such as body sprays, candles, or outdoor bug foggers/sprayers. The effect of chemical body sprays stays for a longer period of time, making it a practical choice. However, be sure to read to the label carefully and check the ingredients to ensure it is safe to use on your child.

Hire a Professional Mosquito Control Company

It is always wise to let professionals deliver a safe and effective mosquito control option that will help protect your kids from bites. If you are searching for a longer-lasting, broad control of mosquitos we suggest having your property professionally applicated. Northern Roots Lawn Care mosquito control solution lasts for up to 21 days and eliminates mosquitos and other nuisance insects, such as fleas, ticks, and some flies. 

Do you want protection for your kid’s birthday party or a special event you are having, or would you like to have mosquito relief all summer long? Few things are worse than a swarm of mosquitoes at an outdoor event. A one-time service may be the perfect fit for your yard if you are looking for short term coverage. If you and your family are outdoors multiple times a week a seasonal service would be a better fit.

Our Minnesota summers are short, don’t waste time inside waiting for the mosquitoes to subside. Use the mosquito control methods mentioned above and have a mosquito service in place so you don’t let the pesky insects ruin your children’s summer activities. Give Northern Roots Lawn Care a call at 763-777-4233 for a free estimate or visit us online here.


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