Five Steps Toward a Beautiful Lawn

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Minnesota enjoyed an unseasonably warm and mostly dry winter, but now that spring is here, many of us are realizing that our lawns weren’t as happy as we were with the warmer temps. Without the cold and snow that we are used to, the soil didn’t get the moisture it needed, and exposed, snowless lawns became vulnerable to hungry critters. If your lawn is looking brown or patchy, it’s not too late to get started with fertilizing! 

Fertilization is one of the best things you can do for your lawn to keep it looking lush and green all summer. Applying the right kind of fertilizer at the correct time of year ensures your grass and soil are getting the nutrients they need to grow properly and that your lawn will look lush and green. 

Benefits of fertilizing your lawn

Aside from making it look beautiful, there are many benefits to fertilizing your lawn. Here are the top five benefits we believe come from following a consistent fertilizing program:

  • Promoting new growth
  • Replacing nutrients lost to mowing and grass clipping removal
  • Reducing weeds and keeping them from coming back
  • Helping grass recover from damage from kids and/or pets
  • Pest resistance – thicker lawns are harder for pests to invade

Getting Started

For many, it can be overwhelming to pick out what the right fertilizers are and when they should be applied. The Premium Turf Care Program from Northern Roots is a five-step program that ensures your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to be hearty, full, and green.

  • STEP 1: Early spring pre-emergent application to assist with crabgrass control and a slow-release fertilizer treatment to kick-start the growing season

  • STEP 2: Late spring weed control application that will target broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clover. This will kill off the weeds that are germinating and will assist with weed control into the summer months.

  • STEP 3: Summer fertilizer application to assist with feeding your lawn through the hot summer months. This slow-release fertilizer has added iron to give it the lush green appearance that your lawn needs. Broadleaf weeds will be spot-treated at this time.

  • STEP 4: Late summer application will continue to feed your lawn throughout the later part of summer and into the early fall. This is another slow-release fertilizer with added iron to keep up with the lush green appearance during the early fall growth season. Broadleaf weeds as well as post-emergent crabgrass will be treated at this time as well.

  • STEP 5: Fall fertilizer application will be the final treatment of the season. This will feed the lawn into dormancy giving it the nutrients it needs to provide the turf with a strong and healthy root system. This application will assist with helping the turf survive through the long winter months.

Get the Best Results

To get the best results from fertilizing your lawn, here’s a list of (easy!) things you can do for your lawn:

  • Lightly water your lawn prior to fertilizing and allow the grass to dry
  • Water after applying fertilizer to allow it to fully activate
  • Rather than bagging grass clippings, allow them to sit on your lawn for additional nutrients.

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